Today I’d like to discuss a resource that is sometimes overlooked—the Friend magazine. If you are looking for ways to immerse your children in the scriptures, this is an excellent resource, even for younger  children. This year each issue of the Friend will include the following:

  • a full-page hero poster
  • a hero card
  • a monthly reading chart
  • an illustrated scripture story (perfect for younger children)
  • other related content (January’s related content features instructions on how to build a boat like Nephi’s!)

I would love to post pictures here of all of these, but I don’t want to violate any copyright laws. You can find all of these resources in the Friend magazine or access the whole year here:

I especially like the monthly reading chart. It includes a list of eight different groups of scriptures that cover an entire section of the Book of Mormon. For example, January’s reading assignment covers Lehi’s vision and his family’s journey into the wilderness. To keep track of their progress, children can color a picture of a liahona that is divided into eight sections (one section for each reading assignment). February’s reading begins with the journey to the promised land and ends with Enos’s prayer. The reading chart is a picture of Nephi’s boat. Again, it is divided into eight sections, and children color a section after reading each assignment.

We have hung the scripture hero poster and reading chart near our dining room table to help our children remember to read. For the most part, they’re excited about this reading challenge. But I admit that their main motivation is handing in the completed chart each month in Primary for a special treat. And we read more of the assignments at the end of the month than we do at the beginning. The important thing is that we’re trying. I hope that your family will try this too!

A Child-Friendly Resource for Reading the Scriptures

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