Welcome back from the holidays, everyone! We are so excited for a new year of sharing ideas and inspiration with you.

I’ll bet many of you are working hard on some new goals for the new year. January is the perfect month to reflect on how you’re doing in life, but I think sometimes we forget to think about how we’re doing spiritually. Or maybe that’s just me. I get so excited about planning the rest of my life that it’s easy for me to assume that all is well in my relationship with Heavenly Father until something happens and I realize that I’ve been complacent for a little too long.

So this week to help you and your kids avoid that problem, here’s a little lesson and activity you can all do together to check up on yourselves spiritually.


Attention Activity: Show the following pictures and ask the children to guess who uses these instruments and what they’re used for.





Discussion: Now display your scriptures, either in book form or on your phone or another device. Explain that just as a doctor uses special tools to make sure we are in good physical health, Heavenly Father has given us the scriptures to be a special tool and help us make sure we stay in good spiritual health.

Turn to Alma 5 and explain that Alma gave his people a series of questions to ask themselves when they needed to check on their spiritual health. Read or summarize Alma 5:26–30, explaining each question as you read it.

Ask the children what they think could be good medicine for our spirits when we make mistakes. Read verses 31–34 to find the remedy that Alma gave his people.

Activity: If you have time, have the children take turns acting out a spiritual check up by asking each other questions about their spiritual health and prescribing remedies like reading the scriptures more often, participating in family prayer, and serving others.

Review: Ask the children why it’s important to go to the doctor often, even when we don’t feel sick. You can explain that this practice is called preventative medicine because it helps us to prevent problems. We can prevent spiritual problems by making sure we check up on our spirits, even if we don’t think anything is wrong. Bear your testimony of the importance of keeping your body and spirit healthy and encourage the children to think of ways they could improve their spiritual health in the coming year.

Have you had your spiritual check up?

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