November is a wonderful month! I always look forward to Thanksgiving and spending time with my family. Our theme for Primary this month fits in perfectly with all the fun things that happen in November. That’s because this month we’ll be talking about service. The first two weeks are focused on how Christ serves others and set an example for us. And in the second half of the month, we’ll learn how we can serve God by serving in our families and serving our neighbors.

Here are a few ideas for each week to help you focus on serving those around you. I know that when we serve others, we feel more grateful for our blessings and often we receive even more blessings in return for any sacrifices we make. I also know that when we give service to His children, we are giving service to God.

Happy November! Enjoy serving!


Weeks 1 and 2 – Jesus taught us how to serve others.

During the first week, you could focus on the ways in which Jesus served others and set an example for us to follow in serving. Help your children think of ways in which Jesus served those around him. You might make a list and include some of the following:

  1. Jesus healed others who were hurting.
  2. Jesus fed the people miraculously.
  3. Jesus looked out for others who were mistreated.
  4. Jesus chose to serve even when he was tired or busy.
  5. Jesus served people individually because He knew them personally.

For each of the ideas you list, help the children understand how they could follow Jesus’s example.

  1. You can pray for those who are sick and offer to help them.
  2. You could prepare a treat to share with a friend or neighbor.
  3. You can be nice to everybody, especially those that others dislike or mistreat.
  4. You can find time to serve, even during the holidays.
  5. You can serve someone you already know well, or you could get to know

You might want to make a family service wreath that you can add to throughout the month. Start with a simple circle or a wreath you already have. Cut papers into the shape of leaves. Each time someone in the family gives service, add another leaf to the wreath.

During the second week, help your children memorize John 13:34. If you have older children, they could also memorize verse 35. You could practice saying the words together or write them on a white board and erase one at a time. Talk about how Jesus wants us to serve as He did and how others will come to know Christ when we serve them lovingly.


Week 3 – When I serve my family, I serve God.

Encourage your children to serve one another by playing service tag. Work together to brainstorm a list of things the children could do to serve in their families. Select someone to be “it” first. Give this person a special service badge or a small token of some sort to keep until he or she has performed an act of service from the list. Keep the list posted somewhere they can see frequently. When an act of service is completed, have the person who was “it” tag another member of your class or family by giving the next person the service badge or token. See how many times you can tag each other throughout the week.


Week 4 – When I serve my neighbors, I serve God.

In your own words, share the story of Great-Aunt Rose, as told by President Uchtdorf in the general women’s session of our last general conference. Emphasize how Great-Aunt Rose served those around her. Be sure to share this quote from the conclusion of the story: “When we love God, we want to serve Him. We want to be like Him. When we love our neighbors, we stop thinking so much about our own problems and help others to solve theirs.”

Alternatively, you may wish to view President Uchtdorf’s talk as a class or family. Click here to view the talk on

Uchtdorf 2

Discuss ways that you can serve as a class or family. If possible, plan a small service project you can participate in this week. You might consider helping a neighbor with some house or yardwork, preparing a meal for someone in need, or volunteering in your community.

November Theme: Service

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