This weekend’s general conference is sure to be memorable. With the passing of three apostles this year, we will get to sustain new apostles to take the place of Elders Boyd K. Packer, L. Tom Perry, and Richard G. Scott. Although I’m sad these great men have passed away, I know they’re in a better place and look forward to seeing who the Lord has called. These three apostles are some of the great leaders of my childhood. I can’t remember a time when Elders Packer and Perry weren’t in the Quorum of the Twelve, and I vaguely remember when Elder Scott was sustained in 1988. I’m excited to teach my children about how apostles are called, and I look forward to seeing who the apostles of my children’s childhood will be.

I found a great article on that explains how an apostle is called. It even includes a couple of video clips, one of which features President Gordon B. Hinckley. You can find it here:

Calling an Apostle of God

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